Friday, November 26, 2010

Sept. 11th

A few miles east of this Sinclair station is where I learned to always have my camera. We drove by this old antique shop and pulled over to take a look. Inside the place was completely crammed with old junk and oddities, hardly navigable, exactly what an antique shop should be. There was a sweet old lady behind the counter who we chatted with for a bit about international motorcycle clubs. Upstairs in this old building was just the most beautiful interior, I wish I had my camera. Maybe a more accurate descriptions would be beautiful decay. Something you would see urban exploring except with out the legal risk of trespassing. Further down the road we found this old Sinclair station.

Interesting trusses

We sat and talked with the daughter of the station owner for awhile. She told us stories about the area and the history of the place. She asked if we had stopped by the antique shop further up the road. "Why yes, we did." She told us an old man and has wife ran the place for something like 30 years. But a few months ago the wife died and the man was left alone to care for the place. She said a few weeks ago a traveler came by and said she just stopped by the shop and there was the nicest old woman there (do you see where this is going?) she described the man's wife who had recently died. We just half-smiled and said "Oh my..."

This one's for Nancy

Love these art deco machines

An original Route 66 sign

Pan out, and this is the building it swings from

I have a thing for abandoned buildings and peeling paint if you haven't noticed
Further down the road, we found Red Oak II (a suggestion from the woman at the Sinclair station) It's hard to describe the place, it's kind of like traveling back in time. Check out this link for a bit of it's history. It's full of charming little buildings and art.

A gate made out of old gears and tractor parts

Some of the houses are privately owned. 

There were a few of these chairs scattered out in the lawn...they looked like they were grazing.

This sculpture was called "Plumber's Nightmare"

In the the little old church