Sunday, May 29, 2011

September 15th - part 2

So we continued on from the Wigwam Motel. I had to stop for every starburst motif.

If you know Rt. 66, you know this sign. Can you spot our big rig?

Standin' on the (other) corner in Winslow Arizona. Was feeling a little cheated since that isn't even a real building! Nonetheless, we had the Eagles stuck in our heads for about 42 hours.

Two Guns, Arizona. This ghost town has a very interesting and turbulent past. We had a ton of fun exploring the place. Here are the remains of it's reincarnation as a campground and tourist stop.

Davey Crocket's graffiti.

The campground office building has been absolutely destroyed.

My favorite part was all the crazy art in the swimming pool

mega man

Just a bit further down the road, the restored Twin Arrows at sunset ♥