Sunday, March 20, 2011

September 14th - part 3 Neon

We walked around Albuquerque, and happened upon this sign...

Which was on the side of the Absolutely Neon building. On a whim we decided to go inside, and we ended up staying a couple hours! Robert the neon artist took a break from his current project to teach about the medium.

Ceiling rack storage

He let us explore the workshop

We hung out with Robert until the sun set, talking about everything from Rt. 66 neon, politics, religion, the nomadic lifestyle, rattlesnakes... He's a great guy all around. If you ever find yourself in Albuquerque (which we sure hope to, again!) be sure to check out Absolutely Neon.

Up until now I was a little bit sad that we came upon most of the vintage neon signs during the day. I really wanted to get some awesome glowing night-shots. Turns out, most of the signs don't light up anymore anyways :'( But here is one I managed to capture.

Just outside of Albuquerque is the most gaudy and brazen hotel/casino/truckstop you have ever seen. The Route 66 Casino. The place is huuuge! It has giant replicas of many Rt. 66 icons, and it is so strange to see gigantic, brand new, glowing replicas of objects that are actually decades old, and falling apart. We stopped here because you kind of have is hypnotizing in a way that makes you uncomfortable after a few minutes. We popped open the back hatch and made ourselves some tuna sandwiches under the neon glow, then continued a few more miles down the road to the smaller, less intimidating Dancing Eagle hotel/casino/truckstop to boondock for the night.

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